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Clients Feedback

  • Rafaela
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"I had a great experience with style consulting. Aline was very patient and managed to explain to me in a simple way how to choose clothes and accessories according to the shape of my body, face, and my taste. Most importantly, she helped me appreciate myself, feel better with what I am wearing, and feel beautiful! She helped me understand how to wear my wardrobe pieces in a versatile way to create different outfits using the same elements. The consultancy was perfect for me to help me understand how to dress and improve my self-esteem! I highly recommend it!"Rafaela
"I never imagined how the colors of clothes, makeup, and small and large details could make a person more radiant, beautiful, and alive. That's precisely how the consultancy with Aline Queiroz made me feel. Her attention to detail and confidence in her work made me feel more stunning than ever! The hints were excellent, and the palettes information was comprehensive and helpful. I got so much extra information that made me feel secure to scratch any color there is not part of my palette without questioning myself because all the other items I choose will match me! I am happy with Aline's fantastic service!"Aline
"Knowing and understanding my color palette made me feel more self-confident when choosing my clothes and accessories. I didn’t realize this process existed, and Aline, with all her knowledge and care, clarified all my questions and guided me in a very professional and lighter way. I feel happy to share this fantastic experience!"Laís

"During the color analysis, I noticed the amount of care and attention Aline provided with the test of each color palette. She explains how each color enhances our skin tone, making it much easier for us to visualize and understand. I loved my card, and every time I go shopping, I check the color palette on my phone!

Moving to another country also brings insecurities when it comes to style. We lose a little bit of our identity in this transition, which is normal, and it can take some time for us to adapt. And that's where Aline comes in to shed some light on this process and accelerate your sense of belonging.

We spent a few hours putting together outfits and she showed me endless options for the pieces I had. I feel that I got a new wardrobe. The coolest thing is that she teaches you how to assemble looks, so whenever you buy a new piece, you already know the combinations and all the diversifications. She helped me have the freedom to use everything I have and always feel stylish!"