Hi, I am Aline Queiroz!

I am an Image Consultant living in Vancouver, BC – Canada. I moved from Brazil in 2016, and I have lived in Canada ever since. I’ve always been very interested in fashion. After going through an image consultancy, which changed how I dress, I decided to become a consultant.

Since I was very young, fashion has been part of my life. At only 11, I was already trying to become a model, a career that did not go very far but made me aware of the world of getting dressed. I always liked to dress up. I loved it when I had occasions where I could innovate or wear something different. I wasn’t the person who dressed up out of obligation or only when the event called for it. I dressed up for pleasure and loved it.
One of my hobbies was reading fashion magazines, and I loved watching everything related to fashion on TV.

Even though I liked fashion and often venture myself more than the people around me, I still had some insecurities and a lot of doubts. That is what led me to study, become a consultant and provide value to others!

"A world where women are empowered and feel more confident when deciding how and what to dress, for any occasion."

"My mission it to help my clients to feel more secure when dressing and consequently have a more versatile wardrobe. I want them to have self-esteem and acquire knowledge through customized services that are tailored according to their individual styles, needs and lifestyles."